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    Forrester was CEO of Newman's Own for six years, during which time profits increased at a compounded annual growth rate of 10%, while competitors in the industry averaged low single digits.

    Bob Forrester served as CEO of the parent company for 10.5 years. During that time, Newman's Own donated over $286 million in profits to charitable causes, outpacing the previous 26-year total by more than 10%.


    As President of Newman's Own Foundation, Bob Forrester created leadership initiatives to promote global philanthropy, access to good nutrition, children with life-threatening illnesses, veterans and their families, and the empowerment of people to overcome barriers that stand between them and their potential. Bob's commitment to a world of equity, social justice, opportunity, hope, and dignity for all people, as well as care for the planet we all share, anchored his leadership in the sector.

    One of the many challenges of transitioning a complex organization from its Founder's phase presented Newman's Own with a one-of-a-kind existential quandary. By the middle of November 2018, Newman's Own was forced to dissolve due to an unintended consequence of an old tax law.

    After nine years of personal effort and as many as 200 related meetings in a single year, Bob Forrester was successful in having bipartisan legislation passed and signed into law in February 2018, creating a new type of American business model, "The Philanthropic Enterprise." This groundbreaking legislation allowed Newman's Own to continue operations while also allowing dozens of other social entrepreneurs to launch businesses on the promise of donating 100 percent of their profits.

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    In Bob Forrester’s opinion, a company's success may be attributed to its commitment to ethics. When it comes to making money, some firms are unethical, while others cut shortcuts and conceal their operations. Your time and effort might be better spent if you make a conscious decision to conduct...
    According to Bob Forrester, choosing a charitable program is the first step in choosing to become involved in philanthropy in any capacity. It may be easy to work in broad areas like health, education and the environment, but they are sometimes too vast for a single person to handle effectively....
    A glitch in the Republican tax overhaul has created an uncertain future for Newman’s Own Foundation and the food company it operates. The company was founded by the late actor Paul Newman. 100 percent of its after-tax profits are given away by the Foundation. This unique arrangement, which...
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